Thursday, May 14, 2015

Healthy Protein Peanut Butter cookies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day.
David and I are currently doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and we are keeping our meals healthy and clean.
But I also wanted a sweet healthy treat to celebrate mothers Day with our moms.
We enjoyed these with a cup of tea. :)

                                                 3 ingredients Peanut butter cookies

•1 cup natural organic peanut butter

•Few packets of stevia to taste

•1 egg.

Mix all three ingredients, round them into little balls so they are all the same size, then press down with a fork.
Bake at 350 for 8-10mins.
Let them cool and enjoy. Eat in moderation ;)


Metahuman Fitness

Chia Seed Cereal

Chia Seed Cereal

I love making this easy go to recipe when I'm hungry after I have had dinner.
Try my evening healthy snack. 
 •Chia Seeds (about 1/4 cup or less)
•a packet (or 2) of Stevia (I got my stevia from Trader Joes)
•Almond Milk (or coconut milk/cashew milk)

Add the Chia Seeds in a small cup and mix in the packet of stevia. Add milk (enough to cover the chia seeds) and stir. Let it sit till the chia seeds gel up.
Tip: The longer you let it sit, the thicker it will get. 
Super easy. Enjoy! :)

Metahuman Fitness

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Have you ever heard of the website, Thumbtack? is a site where people go when they are in need of a professional service such as a contractor, plumber, or in our case, personal trainers.

The way it works is the potential client puts in the info for what exactly they need bids on, and then up to 5 professionals respond with their bid. Then the customer can choose to work with one of the 5 professionals who submitted a bid. The professional has to pay Thumbtack a service fee for every bid they respond to, so it's important to apply only to those who you feel are a good fit. It's even more important to make sure your profile is accurate and impressive since the customer has to trust you just based off of your profile.

The most helpful way you can help a professional land more jobs that he bids on his by leaving a review on for him or her letting other people know how they have helped you in the past.

I would love and appreciate if you could leave a quick review for me on my Thumbtack profile if we have worked together in any capacity. Here is the link to my profile:

"Unleash your inner Superhero!"
-Dave Ellinger

Leave me a comment if you have ever used thumbtack to find a new professional. What was your experience?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Epic Series event

I really enjoy strength training. I've never formally trained in strongman but it is something I've always had an interest in. I really hate running, for the sake of running (Jogging, 5ks, etc..) the only time you can normally get me to run is if it's for a sport, which I haven't really done in years. Recently I decided to do a charity 5k to support Autism..and well...I hated it! I just don't get how people enjoy running, it's just not my thing. I didn't practice any running, I just signed up and did the event. My time was somewhere in the 32ish minute range. I've also never done any obstacle course races (OCR) for two reasons: Running and Mud. OK, three reasons if you include high entry fees. When I saw a video for a new race in my area, called Epic Series, I immediately said I would get a team together and join up. It sounded like something more up my alley, an OCR that focused more on strength and strongman style lifts! The only part I was worried about was the running, which they called awkward carry, that was after each main obstacle. You would have to run a lap carrying things such as a keg, slosh pipes, bucket with water, etc..

I was definitely looking forward to the main lifts though. So now I had to assemble my team, which consisted of my wife, Lisett, 6 of our gym members, Joe, Jason, Jenn, Mike, Shelby, and Ben and Jason's co-worker, Luke. Other than regular classes, our only training for it was a couple of Saturday team training days. Luckily one of the Epic Series employees, Lorelei came to our gym to give us a brief workout with some obstacles that we could expect to see so it was a complete shock when we arrived, but full details were kept secret until actual race day.
Coming up to the race all of mt teammates expressed how nervous and anxious they were for the race, even though I had confidence that they would all do great. I was excited just to get out there and challenge myself. I had signed up for "Elite" which meant that you couldn't modify any of the exercises and there was a second race after the main race which was more closer to the strongman stuff that I really wanted to do. We had to do the main race in order to do the Elite challenge at the end, otherwise I might have done just the Elite portion to avoid the running. Yea...I hate running that much.

So the race started off with us having to run 1 3/4 laps carrying a flag to the first station: 15 tire flips and hop through after each flip. I get to the tires ahead of Joe and Jason and as soon as I set up to the tire I was surprised by the weight. I yell to Joe as he's almost at the station "Dude! These tires are heavy!" and I'm on my way to flipping the tires and struggling due to the weight when I hear Joe and Jason ask me if I was being serious? The spotter then tells us "Oh yea, the tires all weight differently" So I said to Joe let's switch since he was almost done already and he started way after me. Damn right, these tires were way different, the tire Joe had I could easily flip with just one hand! They weren't even in the same ball park. Best guess was the tire I had was over 350# while the one Joe had was barely over 120# [I thought that was complete BS that they would have tires of such drastically different weight when it's a race against the clock. I have no issue with them all being heavy, but drastic inconsistency in weight is just wrong] after the flips we had to grab a tire attached to a rope and drag it from one end of the course and back.
On to obstacle #2: "Pain in the Butt" grab a 5 gallon bucket filled with water, do 25 squats then do a lap carrying the bucket.
Obstacle #3 was called "Bangerz" it's basically a steel anvil that's on a track. You use a plastic sledgehammer and hit the anvil moving it a couple inches per hit for 12 feet. Immediately after you take a wooden prowler sled a run it to one end of the course and back (killer on the legs).
To obstacle #4: Burpee Walls. There's a number of walls approximately 4ft high, you have to do a burpee then hop the wall. After you get over the last wall you grab a potato sack and had to bunny hop to the line and back. Seriously, WTF? I have to say, this one was beyond retarded and had no point being in the race. Considering how badass this race course was, I have no idea what the thinking was. Maybe it was an inside joke they were playing on us?
#5 Atlas stone and farmers carry: Lift a 65# stone and toss it over your shoulder, 15 times then grab the farmers handles which were 105# each and walk a distance that I'm not exactly sure but it may have been about a football field?
Obstacle #6 was glory poles that you had to flip one side to the other for 15 reps. I'm not sure how much they weighed but they were surprisingly really light. After that we grab a slosh pipe and had to run a lap with it.
Obstacle #7: I can't remember
Obstacle #8 was sandbag wall toss. Grab a sandbag and carry it to the walls and toss it over, then you have to hop over the walls which varied from about 5-6ft each. Halfway through there's a balance beam that you have to traverse while carrying the sandbag. Once you get to the final wall you have to run the sandbag back to the start.
Obstacle #9 Climb the slant wall (very simple) then grab a keg, do a lap while carrying the keg and cross the finish line

Although I felt I was having an off day and couldn't shake the stitch in my side, I still loved the event. I know I can do better but it was my first one and I made it through so I'm pleased with that but now I want to smash it. I kind of wish they had this event every month so I can keep pressing on to beat myself. Now that the nerves of uncertainty are gone, I believe I paced myself too much and should have gone at a better pace. Either way, I had fun and that's all that matters at the end of the day. My time was somewhere around 42 minutes. We all made it through without any injuries so that's even more important!

After about a 45 minutes break, I took on the Elite portion of the race. I still never got definitive answers on the weights involved so these are purely guesses. First obstacle was a tractor pull. [my teammates told me, and pictures proved that they set the tractor up incorrectly and it wasn't in alignment with the direction of the rope which made it WAY tougher than intended]
From there it was a farmers yoke with two filled kegs hanging from ropes. My guess is somewhere in the 200# range. Had to walk it about 50ft there and back. [Since hours have passed since the start of the race day the ropes were coming undone so the kegs were no longer level with each other]
Third event was standing over head press using a fat bar. This was my first time ever working with a fat bar, and wow is it different than a normal bar! My guess is the weight was somewhere in the 130-160# range. My first few attempts off the floor I struggled and didn't get it up to my shoulders, again, fat bar made a big difference. Once I figured out how to get the bar up I was able to do the 8 reps with relative ease.
4th event was walking lunges with 135# and fat bar. I believe the distance to be about 30ft there and back.
5th event was Atlas stone lifts. If I'm remembering correctly it was 4 reps with 90#, 3 reps with 115# and 2 reps with 140#
6th event was Deadlift (my favorite) with unknown weight, I've heard ranges from 200-275#, my guess is towards the lighter side because I did my 8 reps with ease even though they used a fat bar. Deadlifting with a fat bar KILLS the grip! I'm still feeling the effects 3 days later.
Final event was a rope climb, another obstacle I've never attempted and I could only get up to the halfway mark before I had to bow out.
My temper got the best of me because my ego was hurt by not completing the event.
After calming down I reflected and realized I tackled some awesome feats of things I've never attempted before and I also learned what I need to work on for next time. I also had some great words of encouragement from my teammates for not giving up on my overhead press and they said I showed them that I have a never give up attitude that made them proud to see. As a coach, that makes me happy to hear. I have to remember that now that I own a gym, I am always on duty and have to stay focused on being an inspiration to my members.
Overall I had a great time, my teammates loved the event and we all are looking forward to competing again.
If anybody is in California, I highly suggest checking out this event.

Now the next challenge for me to tackle: A strongman competition!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The amazing health benefits of hydrogen alkaline water

Benefits of drinking Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Water

These benefits are while drinking “Antioxidant Hydrogen” Alkaline Water and are not the same as drinking any bottled alkaline water, tap or any bottled or processed water.

1) You may naturally through simple and better hydration bypass many health conditions associated with dehydration.
2) You may reduce or eliminate muscle cramping.
3) You may detox “gradually” over time. Gradual is very key requiring little effort and keeps the body from going into any detox “dump.”
4) It bathes your body cells in a super rich sea of naturally generated, selective antioxidants. You may experience like so many, less colds and flu.
5) Because it’s more enjoyable and easy to drink than other water, it’s easy to replace sodas and other drinks. Many people report they just stopped drinking sodas without even thinking about it.
6) The water is anti-oxidizing and not oxidizing (like rust in your body) found in bottled and tap water.
7) The hydrogen reduces inflammation and with it’s selective antioxidants, supports cell signaling (the body’s own natural detox & repair system) to selectively knock out the oxidative stress and the unhealthy inflammatory conditions associated with it and leading to heart disease, organ damage, age related memory decline, cancers and chronic fatigue.
8) You’ll find you hydrate easier and more efficiently. Many athletes say they just don't get as thirsty and can work harder with less fatigued.

Come in and start drinking alkaline water at our gym, and start feeling's always free for anyone who comes to the gym!
(Supplied by our Alkaway Ultrastream system)

Our friend, John Biethan from Alkaway runs a great podcast where he goes more in depth about the health benefits of hydrogen enriched alkaline water.
The link is here:

Or find him on

Make sure to let him know we sent you his way!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Movie Review by Metahuman Dave: Batman: Assault on Arkham

If you are a comic book fan and you haven't seen this movie yet, you need to do yourself the favor and check it out.
Although, I'd make sure to watch it without the young kids around. I was a little surprised to find out Batman: Assault on Arkham only had a PG-13 rating, I feel they really pushed the envelop with this one.

I'm not really a fan of live-action movies based on comic books, I feel they always drop the ball. Usually the story line is way off or way too watered down. Animated movies, especially the ones by DC are usually action packed and follow a good story line, true to the comics history. (or in this case, the storyline surrounding the Batman videogames)

Batman: Assault on Arkham had a great storyline following the Suicide Squad, "Task Force X", infiltrating Arkham prison under the direct orders of Amanda Waller to steal the harddrive in The Riddler's cane. The action was on point, plenty of great fight scenes and some pretty gnarly death scenes. One of my favorite involved Killer Frost which reminded me of a Mortal Kombat like Fatality..freezing a guards head and then pushing him over so his head shatters. There are some bloody scenes, swearing and a few sex/suggested nude scenes which is why I was pretty shocked that it was only a PG-13. I feel this was directed at an older audience. DC did a great job of telling the story in a way where you were rooting for the Suicide Squad.
You may not have heard of many of the characters, but you still ended up either liking or hating each one. (Captain Boomerang?...lame)
Harley Quinn was awesome and perfectly insane. Funny and likeable. "Yahtzee!"

Joker was on point. Killer Frost and King Shark were an interesting duo. They even made Deadshot likeable to where he seemed more like a hero than a villain.
Even though Batman is in the title, he only shows up towards the end of the movie.

I thought the animation was top-notch and the voice acting for the characters were among the best.
In my opinion, this was one of the best comic book based movies put out there.
(even though the "twist" at the end was far from a surprise and sadly predictable, it didn't ruin the movie for me)

I'd love to hear your opinions on the movie, and please try to keep the nerd rage to a minimum

If you have any suggestions for movies I should check out or review, leave a comment below or email me at

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Support small business

Even before I was a business owner, I knew the importance of supporting small business.
I always liked the feeling I got knowing that my purchase helped put food on someone's plate or help them pay their mortgage to keep their doors open as opposed to making some large corporation even more rich. Whenever possible I try to shop local in Vista. If I can't do business in Vista, I still seek out someone local or try to keep it with a small, privately owned company. I support small business.

Small business owners are usually more passionate about their craft and go the extra mile to earn a lifelong customer, and without the endless supply of investor financing, they are usually working super-long work weeks and just barely scraping by to pay their bills at the end of each month.
Every little bit helps when you're on a tight budget, and for that reason I love keeping my money local. When we all support each other, we all do better.

Even without spending money it's very easy to help a local business in ways they can't help themselves. In this day of age, we are all bombarded with advertising to the point that we're almost numb to it. Often the only places we'll shop are places that were either directly referred to us by someone we know and respect, or by our own research, we look for those companies that have great reviews posted. The first place we typically go to are Yelp and Facebook (yes, you can leave a Facebook review which is usually one of the first places a new customer looks at when they visit the page).

So the first and the best way you can help a business you support is by leaving a great review on Yelp and Facebook, as detailed as possible so that the reader feels the emotion. Also, giving a written or video testimonial is always helpful for the company website! Also, tell your friends about the business..share your experience. They may end up being a lifelong supporter as well!

The other way that helps immensely is actively contributing to Facebook discussions on their page. Engaging in the comment sections, liking a post, sharing a post or picture, suggesting the page to your friends etc. These are the most often over-looked ways to help small business.
I could write an entire blog on the way Facebook works, but to keep it short. Facebook wants businesses to pay to be seen, so the only other way the posts are visible is when you contribute to them. (Which also makes them visible to your friends = brand recognition and respect)

Here's a link to a blog talking more in detail about this subject:

Check in! When you walk into the business you support hit the check in button on Facebook or any other app you use with this feature. It allows your friends to see where you frequent which gives that business more recognition.

With that being said, I humbly ask you, please leave a Yelp review for us, leave a Facebook review, stay engaged with our Facebook posts and please, tell your friends about us!
Also, make sure to follow our blog so you never miss a post.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can all help out in supporting local business other than what is in this blog, or if you have any questions, please email me directly at

This is one of the best places to leave an honest review for us that could impact our google search ranking:

Dave Ellinger is co-owner and personal trainer at Metahuman Fitness
Located at 1717 E Vista Way, Vista CA 92084

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winner of our Transformation Challenge and Superhero of the month!

We are proud to present the Winner of our 6 weeks Transformation Challenge and Superhero of the month:
Jason aka "HULK"!!!

Jason's positive attitude is always contagious when he's in the gym. He's always dedicated, puts in the work and has faith in his coaches training; which is evident in his amazing progress. 

In just 6 weeks;

Lost 14.2lbs
Dropped 3.75 inches 
Gained 2.5 inches in his biceps

Not only did he achieve amazing results from the challenge, he has also gained an Incredible amount of Strength in the process.

Just a couple months back he was hospitalized for kidney failure and he had to take a couple of months off from the gym and recover. We truly care about him (and All our members), so we paid him a visit at the hospital at that time.
And he said something that stayed with us, and he truly kept his word:

He told us that when he comes back, he will take over the PR (Personal Record) board and come back stronger than ever.
And that is Exactly what he has been doing!
SMASHING records left and right, this man just keeps on impressing us! 

When he came back full-time in the first week of January he was able to flip our 490lbs tire 7 times, and just a few short weeks later he did 34 consecutive reps!
On his first session of doing farmers walk handles he set the gym record with 210lbs in each hand!
(video below)
His previous deadlift was 185lbs and just a couple of weeks ago he SMASHED 310lbs for 2 reps
(the picture below was him setting up to the bar to achieve this accomplishment)

Jason is Proof that you CAN push past a set back, you CAN fight through tough battles, and you CAN become stronger and Better!

We say this all the time, because we truly mean it from the bottom of our hearts;
We are HONORED to have you train at our gym!

You Inspire us, and everyone around you!

Keep Smashing it J!!!


"Unleash your inner Superhero!"

Friday, February 6, 2015

Don't Quit before you get that second wind!

I wanted to share this Emotional PR (Person Record) I hit yesterday.
I started off just slamming the ropes, only just to see how many I could do.
My original best was 60 slams. Once I beat my original record, I started to slow down and I was about to give up.
But then this AMAZING rush came over me, I truly wish I could let others know how it felt.
My life came rushing at me, all that I have ever been through flashed before me.....and that second wind kicked in.
Once that second wind kicked in, fighting back from crying, letting out all my emotions....
I started to Fight!
It is truly an amazing feeling to push past the tough moments, and overcome them.
I almost broke into tears (which is why I turned to the tires when I was done). Emotional, Happy tears. Proud of all that I've overcome and all that I now can do.

This blog post and this short video is a great example:

If you quit (Anything) before you get that second never know what you can accomplish!

Life will always have it's tough moments....moments you feel you can never overcome. I know it could be tough, but you can NOT Quit!!!!
You can accomplish such beautiful things, you just need to Keep going!

I hope this can help inspire you. On your dark days, the moments you just don't want to go any more....
Let this give you the push you need!

Get that Second Wind!!!


Friday, January 9, 2015

10 Tips to make 2015 your Best Year Yet!!



10 Tips to make 2015 your Best Year Yet!

It's the beginning of a new year, and this is the time where everyone wants a fresh start. Get rid of all the negative and bring on all the positive. But "resolutions" can be challenging. They are often made when people are feeling motivated and positive. But what happens when that motivation and positive feeling is gone?.....The resolutions go down the drain. So here are some ways to not only help you work on your resolutions, but to Accomplish them as well!


1.Train like an Athlete

Because you ARE an athlete!! You workout, you push past your comfort zone. That makes you an athlete! No matter what fitness level you are in.
>>>If you are NOT currently incorporating some sort of exercise into your daily life, Start doing so Today! Exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever. Being active can boost your feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries.

2. Use Power Words

A lot of us are guilty of putting ourselves down. We can be our own worst enemy or Best friend. Start noticing your great features instead of your flaws. Start using those "power words"; instead of "I can't", say "I WILL". Instead of "I hate my body" say "I Love my strength and all that my body can do!"

3. Don't just think it, Write it down

Don't just think to yourself "this year I will lose 10 pounds"; Write it down! Get a goal journal, and write down your goals. And here is something extra to write that will Definitely help you Stick with your goal; write down WHY you want to achieve your goal. Write down your Emotion towards that goal. Here's an example: "I want to lose 10 pounds this year"<----That is the goal. "Because I will fit back in that little black dress my husband loves so much and adores me in it. Not only look good for my husband, but I will feel Confident and Proud of myself!"<-----Emotion towards the goal. That Emotion will guarantee help you not only stay consistent, but it will help you Work Hard towards achieving that goal!

4. Don't try...Strive!

Ever heard someone say "Im going to try to do better.....I'm going to try to exercise/eat better" and actually have seen them succeed?! Most likely No. Instead of saying "I'm going to try"....use the word STRIVE! Strive to do better. Get a routine going that will allow you become better. Set your alarm in the morning to Get in that exercise ( could be 10minutes, 20 minutes, it could even be a short 5 minute workout) and to get in that power breakfast to help get your day started! Schedule a class to attend; Kick Boxing, Dance, or even pottery. Schedule the time for yourself. STRIVE to better yourself!

5. Find what makes you happy

There isn't ONE way of working out. So find what makes you happy, what makes you feel alive! Exercising is not a punishment, it's a Gift you give yourself. When you are done working out you should feel like a Superhero!! ;)

6. Keep it Simple

Don't overload yourself with goals and things you want to change. You will overwhelm yourself. Write down 1 goal at a time and work towards accomplishing that goal first before writing down new goals. And be Proud of yourself every time you Conquered a goal!

7. Find Support

Strength comes in numbers! It's not always easy going through a journey alone. So when you find a friend/family member or co-worker that will join you in that journey and go through it together; not only will that journey be much more memorable.....but now you have that accountability! Not every day will be easy, and there will be those days you Don't want to exercise or eat right. So that buddy system will most definitely help in moments such as those.

8. BE Supportive

You must be your Best cheerleader and coach! Be supportive of yourself and be forgiving.

9. Share your Joy

Talk to others and tell them how great you feel. Share your story and help others get inspired. Seeing other people smile and be excited to hear how well you are doing will give you that little pat on the back!

10. Don't Forget

Keep a log of all that you have achieved within the year. Sometimes we look ahead and see how far we must go to attain our goal, that we forget to look back to see just how far we have come. So write every accomplishment down, could be big or small. If it was something you pushed yourself to achieve, write it down. Look back at your journey and be Proud of how far you have come!!!