Friday, March 13, 2015

The amazing health benefits of hydrogen alkaline water

Benefits of drinking Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Water

These benefits are while drinking “Antioxidant Hydrogen” Alkaline Water and are not the same as drinking any bottled alkaline water, tap or any bottled or processed water.

1) You may naturally through simple and better hydration bypass many health conditions associated with dehydration.
2) You may reduce or eliminate muscle cramping.
3) You may detox “gradually” over time. Gradual is very key requiring little effort and keeps the body from going into any detox “dump.”
4) It bathes your body cells in a super rich sea of naturally generated, selective antioxidants. You may experience like so many, less colds and flu.
5) Because it’s more enjoyable and easy to drink than other water, it’s easy to replace sodas and other drinks. Many people report they just stopped drinking sodas without even thinking about it.
6) The water is anti-oxidizing and not oxidizing (like rust in your body) found in bottled and tap water.
7) The hydrogen reduces inflammation and with it’s selective antioxidants, supports cell signaling (the body’s own natural detox & repair system) to selectively knock out the oxidative stress and the unhealthy inflammatory conditions associated with it and leading to heart disease, organ damage, age related memory decline, cancers and chronic fatigue.
8) You’ll find you hydrate easier and more efficiently. Many athletes say they just don't get as thirsty and can work harder with less fatigued.

Come in and start drinking alkaline water at our gym, and start feeling's always free for anyone who comes to the gym!
(Supplied by our Alkaway Ultrastream system)

Our friend, John Biethan from Alkaway runs a great podcast where he goes more in depth about the health benefits of hydrogen enriched alkaline water.
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Movie Review by Metahuman Dave: Batman: Assault on Arkham

If you are a comic book fan and you haven't seen this movie yet, you need to do yourself the favor and check it out.
Although, I'd make sure to watch it without the young kids around. I was a little surprised to find out Batman: Assault on Arkham only had a PG-13 rating, I feel they really pushed the envelop with this one.

I'm not really a fan of live-action movies based on comic books, I feel they always drop the ball. Usually the story line is way off or way too watered down. Animated movies, especially the ones by DC are usually action packed and follow a good story line, true to the comics history. (or in this case, the storyline surrounding the Batman videogames)

Batman: Assault on Arkham had a great storyline following the Suicide Squad, "Task Force X", infiltrating Arkham prison under the direct orders of Amanda Waller to steal the harddrive in The Riddler's cane. The action was on point, plenty of great fight scenes and some pretty gnarly death scenes. One of my favorite involved Killer Frost which reminded me of a Mortal Kombat like Fatality..freezing a guards head and then pushing him over so his head shatters. There are some bloody scenes, swearing and a few sex/suggested nude scenes which is why I was pretty shocked that it was only a PG-13. I feel this was directed at an older audience. DC did a great job of telling the story in a way where you were rooting for the Suicide Squad.
You may not have heard of many of the characters, but you still ended up either liking or hating each one. (Captain Boomerang?...lame)
Harley Quinn was awesome and perfectly insane. Funny and likeable. "Yahtzee!"

Joker was on point. Killer Frost and King Shark were an interesting duo. They even made Deadshot likeable to where he seemed more like a hero than a villain.
Even though Batman is in the title, he only shows up towards the end of the movie.

I thought the animation was top-notch and the voice acting for the characters were among the best.
In my opinion, this was one of the best comic book based movies put out there.
(even though the "twist" at the end was far from a surprise and sadly predictable, it didn't ruin the movie for me)

I'd love to hear your opinions on the movie, and please try to keep the nerd rage to a minimum

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