Monday, October 20, 2014

There are no shortcuts

It will not be easy! If it were, we would all be fit. 

The truth is, we as Americans are one of the most obese and sick nations in the entire world! We live in a society that promises us quick fixes and fast solutions to long term problems.  We are quick to take a pill instead of doing the work needed to fix the solution on our own, even though we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. We want to reap the benefits without putting in the work: immediate gratification.
Those of us who live a healthy lifestyle have made a concerted effort to fit exercise into our daily schedule. We all have the same 24 hours  in a day but what you do within those 24 hours is your own choice. We too can make the excuse that we are too tired to exercise due to working a 8 or 10 hour shift or that there's a TV show that we need to watch, but we, on our own, decide that being healthy is more important than Keeping up with the Kardashians. I have no sympathy for people who make excuses like "I have no time" you can get a workout in just a few minutes using a tabata method (which is a 4 minute high intensity interval workout).

 I also don't like hearing people make excuses for poor nutrition and blaming it on lack of time, you can easily make a healthy meal and bring it to work with you instead of going to a fast food joint or eating microwave meals. Good eating starts with a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as some good snacks and then eliminate as much wasted calories as possible. A simple example could be substituting water (with lemon) for soda or drinking regular coffee (no sugar) instead of a 1200 calorie sugar and syrup (and chemicals) filled specialty coffee drink from an expensive barista shop. There are so many ways you can make small changes that together add up to a large change over time. Stevia instead of sugar, Greek yogurt instead of sour-cream, and in some cases, mayonnaise are just two very simple swaps as an example. Yes you will have to consistently watch what you eat to truly be healthy, you will never be able to out work a poor diet, you also have to make sure you have healthy, consistent sleeping patterns as well as proper, consistent exercise routines. 

Did you notice the word consistent? No amount of exercise can outwork poor nutrition. Set aside a time of the day that you KNOW you can be doing something to better yourself and schedule that time to fit in a workout or some sort of exercise. Most of us fail because we fail to plan. You will not get fit in a day, just like you didn't get fat in a day, this is a lifestyle change for the truly committed if you want to be healthy. The way I see diet and exercise is "healthcare" we make the choice to better ourselves, increasing strength and flexibility while increasing the efficiency of our immune system to avoid the need to visit doctors so often, which is what I consider "sickcare". Those who workout regularly tend to get sick less than those who do not. Get the blood flowing, release those endorphins and start feeling great. The first week or two is the hardest. Your body will reject the extra work, you're going to be sore...but push through! Workout even when you are sore, and your body will not only begin to accept the workouts but start rewarding you. More endurance, increased strength and best of all: CONFIDENCE! Your confidence levels will soar higher than ever, and your immune system will reward you with a new vigor that fights off sickness better than you've ever seen. So just stop the excuses, get through the work and in a few months you'll look back at where you began and be proud of where you are. Just don't quit!

 Start slow or start fast,  just start now! Just make sure you stay consistent!  Consistency is the only way to reap the rewards and benefits. Otherwise you will be on the perpetual roller coaster ride of ups and downs...two steps forward two steps back getting nowhere fast. Commit to this lifestyle and be prepared to put in the hard work necessary  and you too can be fit and healthy. You don't have anybody to compete against other than yourself. Every day you should strive to be just a little bit better than you were yesterday. 

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress"

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stay Active to be Fit!

What does it take to become Healthy and Fit?
Do you need fancy machines, the latest most expensive technology?
Do you need to be in Great shape to begin exercising?

Most people fail to even begin their "Fitness Journey" because they can't afford a gym membership, they may be intimated to join a gym, or they simply just don't know what to do.
What does it take to get fit, what do you need in order to get started on this journey?
Take one look in the mirror......YOU, that is all you need!
We as trainers do not expect you to come in and get right into the advanced level workouts.
We ALL start at the very beginning and we progress our way up. But how do we Start?
Get Moving! If you are not physically active and want to start working out and improving your health, why not go walking every day. Granted this alone will not achieve the biggest results, but its a Start! You are now moving, you are doing what our bodies were intended to do.
Our bodies were designed to Move!

Our bodies were designed to perform the following Functional Movement patterns:
Step/Step up

Now, for someone who does not exercise and reads this would think; "This is a workout!"
Yes and No. All of these movement patterns are what we do in Every day life. If you think about it, you perform all these patterns through out the day. And out bodies were designed to move in such manners.
Why do we incorporate these movement patterns into our training? Simple, so we can correct form and make every day activities, and sports much more productive and have it be less injury prone.

So, get started slowly. Start by walking around the block. If you have time to sit and watch tv, you have time to walk. This is a Great start.

For more information, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
We are here to help! :)

Yours in Health and Fitness,
Metahuman Fitness

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to Metahuman Fitness

Hello everyone,
We wanted to introduce ourselves and let you in how how Metahuman Fitness began.
I am happy to say that Metahuman Fitness was founded and is run by myself, Lisett, and my husband, Dave. We are a Power couple that have the same love and passion in Health and Fitness. Together, we want to change as many lives as we can, Not just helping people to get Healthy and Fit, but also Empowering Them!
We are based in Vista, CA (northern San Diego). But we moved to California around 4 years ago from New York. Dave was born and raised in NY, and I was born in Chile (South America), and moved to NY when I was 6 years old.
Dave was a personal Trainer back in NY, and had a goal to start up his own gym.....but unfortunately, Life got in the way and his goal/dream was put to the back end. We both worked at jobs we didn't have a passion for. They were just "jobs". But that goal to start up a gym was always in Dave's heart.
I have my own story, how I became a Personal Trainer. And you can read that full story Here.
My new found deep love for Fitness helped fire up Dave's old dream. And together we worked to create Metahuman Fitness. It was just an idea back in 2013, but finally in August,2014 we opened up our doors to our new gym, our Metahuman Fitness Gym!
We are a Hybrid gym. We specialize in Weight loss and Strength and Conditioning. Incorporating Strength Training, H.I.I.T Training (High Intensity Interval Training), Strong Man Training, as well as Speed and Agility Training.
Our members are a wide range; from parents who want to get healthy and fit to be able to keep up with their children and set a good example. Women who want to lose weight, gain curves and gain Confidence to be able to finally wear that dress they always wanted to wear. And Adult Athletes who want to improve in their sports.
All of our members are Superheros! They each come in, Push, and work Extremely hard and we couldn't be more Proud of them. They leave our door with a smile and Amazed at the things they are capable of doing. And that is our goal! We are here to help "Unleash your inner Superhero!"

Get to know us a little better and follow us on Facebook. And check out our website for more details.

Yours in Fitness,
Lisett and Dave
Metahuman Fitness