Thursday, September 25, 2014

"My Fitness Journey" -by Lisett Daniela

Hi everyone,
Lisett Daniela here. I am Lead Trainer and Owner of  Metahuman Fitness. I wanted to take a little time to tell you all my Story.
This may be a little long, but I feel that my story will help you all in your journey and help you to get to know the person behind Metahuman Fitness (
As you can see from the pictures, I wasn't always fit. I was born with severe asthma, inherited from my dads side of the family. I was the kid that always walked around pumping her inhaler. Physical activities were Out of the question. Even walking was tough for me. I couldn't even laugh a lot because that would trigger my asthma. So no physical activities, PLUS not eating right resulted in me growing up not healthy. As a kid, I didn't care how I looked. But as I grew up I started to Hate myself.
I went through the bad phases that I hope NO other woman (and man) puts themselves through. I started to make myself throw up. I ate, ate a lot, then went right to the bathroom. Luckily, I stopped doing that before I really hurt myself.
In my 20s I started to incorporate exercise. I had my vcr workout tapes (YES, VCR....I'm that old! lol) and STRUGGLED through the exercise routines. Shoot, the warm ups alone were my workouts! The asthma made it SO hard for me to get through it.....But I pushed through! I did it in a negative manner though.....I yelled at myself, I banged on my chest. It was truly a tough time for me. Physically and emotionally.
I didn't give up......
I kept doing my exercises. at the time I lived with my mom, and she knew if my door was closed and the music was blasting I was "exercising".
Through exercise, I BEAT Asthma. From birth all the way up to my mid 20s I had asthma, and always had to be hospitalized every year for severe asthma attacks.
I BEAT it!! I haven't had asthma in almost 6 years now.
Yes, I was now working out, BUT I was not eating right. I basically worked out so I can Eat whatever I wanted. So my body never changed. At 26 years old, I found the love of my life, who is now my husband and partner in crime. He is a 6' tall handsome man. We ate the SAME! I am a 5'4 woman, eating like a 6' man!!!! Which is why I looked the way I did in 2011. And I was getting worse. That 2011 picture is what opened up my eyes. I still after all the years, HATED myself. There was no self love whatsoever. I vowed to myself that turning 30 years old will be the BEST time of my life. I did not dread turning 30, because I told myself I will finally LOVE myself, and be PROUD of myself!!
I started working HARD. I started Lifting. I started working on my eating habits. I started a food Journal so I can keep track of everything I ate, and omitted the bad and added the good. I did it the RIGHT WAY. I didn't starve myself, I simply started eating HEALTHY.
The combination of training <------Training like an athlete, and eating healthy is what finally made me change!
I feel POWERFUL, I feel PROUD, I LOVE myself and all that my body can accomplish......and I am NOT DONE YET!!!

My story is to tell you all we ALL Start somewhere.
You may look at me and say something like "Oh, its easy for her." "I wish I can do the things she does" But let me tell old self, the 18 year old girl would say the sames things about my 32 year old self.
My beginning was INCREDIBLY tough for me. EVERYTHING was a challenge. But that is why its called the "beginning".
If you continue, if you keep working, if you allow the TIME to do its WILL CONQUER!!
This isn't an over night process, its a LIFE STYLE. This is your life, and your fitness journey will continue all your life.
One day you will look back at your beginning, and you will be SO PROUD of all the things you have accomplished, of all the things your body can now do.
Just PLEASE, keep on working. Don't give up. Its a hard journey, but you must FIGHT!

I hope my story can inspire others. We are all in this together.
Keep on Keeping on....Fight, WIN!


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