Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to Metahuman Fitness

Hello everyone,
We wanted to introduce ourselves and let you in how how Metahuman Fitness began.
I am happy to say that Metahuman Fitness was founded and is run by myself, Lisett, and my husband, Dave. We are a Power couple that have the same love and passion in Health and Fitness. Together, we want to change as many lives as we can, Not just helping people to get Healthy and Fit, but also Empowering Them!
We are based in Vista, CA (northern San Diego). But we moved to California around 4 years ago from New York. Dave was born and raised in NY, and I was born in Chile (South America), and moved to NY when I was 6 years old.
Dave was a personal Trainer back in NY, and had a goal to start up his own gym.....but unfortunately, Life got in the way and his goal/dream was put to the back end. We both worked at jobs we didn't have a passion for. They were just "jobs". But that goal to start up a gym was always in Dave's heart.
I have my own story, how I became a Personal Trainer. And you can read that full story Here.
My new found deep love for Fitness helped fire up Dave's old dream. And together we worked to create Metahuman Fitness. It was just an idea back in 2013, but finally in August,2014 we opened up our doors to our new gym, our Metahuman Fitness Gym!
We are a Hybrid gym. We specialize in Weight loss and Strength and Conditioning. Incorporating Strength Training, H.I.I.T Training (High Intensity Interval Training), Strong Man Training, as well as Speed and Agility Training.
Our members are a wide range; from parents who want to get healthy and fit to be able to keep up with their children and set a good example. Women who want to lose weight, gain curves and gain Confidence to be able to finally wear that dress they always wanted to wear. And Adult Athletes who want to improve in their sports.
All of our members are Superheros! They each come in, Push, and work Extremely hard and we couldn't be more Proud of them. They leave our door with a smile and Amazed at the things they are capable of doing. And that is our goal! We are here to help "Unleash your inner Superhero!"

Get to know us a little better and follow us on Facebook. And check out our website for more details.

Yours in Fitness,
Lisett and Dave
Metahuman Fitness

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