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10 Tips to make 2015 your Best Year Yet!!



10 Tips to make 2015 your Best Year Yet!

It's the beginning of a new year, and this is the time where everyone wants a fresh start. Get rid of all the negative and bring on all the positive. But "resolutions" can be challenging. They are often made when people are feeling motivated and positive. But what happens when that motivation and positive feeling is gone?.....The resolutions go down the drain. So here are some ways to not only help you work on your resolutions, but to Accomplish them as well!


1.Train like an Athlete

Because you ARE an athlete!! You workout, you push past your comfort zone. That makes you an athlete! No matter what fitness level you are in.
>>>If you are NOT currently incorporating some sort of exercise into your daily life, Start doing so Today! Exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever. Being active can boost your feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries.

2. Use Power Words

A lot of us are guilty of putting ourselves down. We can be our own worst enemy or Best friend. Start noticing your great features instead of your flaws. Start using those "power words"; instead of "I can't", say "I WILL". Instead of "I hate my body" say "I Love my strength and all that my body can do!"

3. Don't just think it, Write it down

Don't just think to yourself "this year I will lose 10 pounds"; Write it down! Get a goal journal, and write down your goals. And here is something extra to write that will Definitely help you Stick with your goal; write down WHY you want to achieve your goal. Write down your Emotion towards that goal. Here's an example: "I want to lose 10 pounds this year"<----That is the goal. "Because I will fit back in that little black dress my husband loves so much and adores me in it. Not only look good for my husband, but I will feel Confident and Proud of myself!"<-----Emotion towards the goal. That Emotion will guarantee help you not only stay consistent, but it will help you Work Hard towards achieving that goal!

4. Don't try...Strive!

Ever heard someone say "Im going to try to do better.....I'm going to try to exercise/eat better" and actually have seen them succeed?! Most likely No. Instead of saying "I'm going to try"....use the word STRIVE! Strive to do better. Get a routine going that will allow you become better. Set your alarm in the morning to Get in that exercise ( could be 10minutes, 20 minutes, it could even be a short 5 minute workout) and to get in that power breakfast to help get your day started! Schedule a class to attend; Kick Boxing, Dance, or even pottery. Schedule the time for yourself. STRIVE to better yourself!

5. Find what makes you happy

There isn't ONE way of working out. So find what makes you happy, what makes you feel alive! Exercising is not a punishment, it's a Gift you give yourself. When you are done working out you should feel like a Superhero!! ;)

6. Keep it Simple

Don't overload yourself with goals and things you want to change. You will overwhelm yourself. Write down 1 goal at a time and work towards accomplishing that goal first before writing down new goals. And be Proud of yourself every time you Conquered a goal!

7. Find Support

Strength comes in numbers! It's not always easy going through a journey alone. So when you find a friend/family member or co-worker that will join you in that journey and go through it together; not only will that journey be much more memorable.....but now you have that accountability! Not every day will be easy, and there will be those days you Don't want to exercise or eat right. So that buddy system will most definitely help in moments such as those.

8. BE Supportive

You must be your Best cheerleader and coach! Be supportive of yourself and be forgiving.

9. Share your Joy

Talk to others and tell them how great you feel. Share your story and help others get inspired. Seeing other people smile and be excited to hear how well you are doing will give you that little pat on the back!

10. Don't Forget

Keep a log of all that you have achieved within the year. Sometimes we look ahead and see how far we must go to attain our goal, that we forget to look back to see just how far we have come. So write every accomplishment down, could be big or small. If it was something you pushed yourself to achieve, write it down. Look back at your journey and be Proud of how far you have come!!!

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