Friday, February 6, 2015

Don't Quit before you get that second wind!

I wanted to share this Emotional PR (Person Record) I hit yesterday.
I started off just slamming the ropes, only just to see how many I could do.
My original best was 60 slams. Once I beat my original record, I started to slow down and I was about to give up.
But then this AMAZING rush came over me, I truly wish I could let others know how it felt.
My life came rushing at me, all that I have ever been through flashed before me.....and that second wind kicked in.
Once that second wind kicked in, fighting back from crying, letting out all my emotions....
I started to Fight!
It is truly an amazing feeling to push past the tough moments, and overcome them.
I almost broke into tears (which is why I turned to the tires when I was done). Emotional, Happy tears. Proud of all that I've overcome and all that I now can do.

This blog post and this short video is a great example:

If you quit (Anything) before you get that second never know what you can accomplish!

Life will always have it's tough moments....moments you feel you can never overcome. I know it could be tough, but you can NOT Quit!!!!
You can accomplish such beautiful things, you just need to Keep going!

I hope this can help inspire you. On your dark days, the moments you just don't want to go any more....
Let this give you the push you need!

Get that Second Wind!!!


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