Thursday, April 30, 2015


Have you ever heard of the website, Thumbtack? is a site where people go when they are in need of a professional service such as a contractor, plumber, or in our case, personal trainers.

The way it works is the potential client puts in the info for what exactly they need bids on, and then up to 5 professionals respond with their bid. Then the customer can choose to work with one of the 5 professionals who submitted a bid. The professional has to pay Thumbtack a service fee for every bid they respond to, so it's important to apply only to those who you feel are a good fit. It's even more important to make sure your profile is accurate and impressive since the customer has to trust you just based off of your profile.

The most helpful way you can help a professional land more jobs that he bids on his by leaving a review on for him or her letting other people know how they have helped you in the past.

I would love and appreciate if you could leave a quick review for me on my Thumbtack profile if we have worked together in any capacity. Here is the link to my profile:

"Unleash your inner Superhero!"
-Dave Ellinger

Leave me a comment if you have ever used thumbtack to find a new professional. What was your experience?

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