Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Are you at work Hunched over right now?!

Most of America has a Desk job. Yes you get to sit your butt down on (hopefully) a cozy chair....
How is your back feeling after that long desk job you have?

I bet chances are you hunch over your desk to type on the computer, either at your  job or at home.
Even if you Don't have a "desk job", how is your posture when you drive, when you are texting??

Most likely your shoulders are rounded and you are hunched over.
Heck, While writing this I just reminded myself of my posture when I noticed I was all hunched over.

So sit up straight, pull those shoulders back, expose that chest and check out this video!!

This video demonstrates one of my favorite exercises to help pull the shoulders back, strengthen the back and shoulders while working to correct that constant hunching over.

Don't have resistance bands?

Go to your local Walmart, Target, even Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross. They are a cheap but super effective exercise equipment that you can use for just about any body part. And can take on the go with you.

Happy Training!

Have questions?
Please feel free to email me.


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