Friday, November 21, 2014

I was kinda insulted when called "thin"

I wanted to share this little story with you guys.
I meant to write it down sooner, but haven't got the chance to do so. So here we go.

Probably 2 weeks back I was at the grocery store with the husband. He was getting some coffee beans and I was stand next to him with the shopping cart.
These two ladies were trying to pass by and politely said "excuse us", and I of course said "oh, sorry" and moved my cart and myself to the side.
Then one of them said, "We couldn't fit, we're not thin like you. We'll Never be thin like you".

I smiled as they walked away, but then turned to my husband and said "I'm not thin...I'm Strong!!"

Now, if this was said to me many years back when all I obsessed over was being thin, having thin "feminine" arms, thigh gap, no belly fat......I would have been glowing.
But now my mentality is, I just want to be Strong! And I want to showcase Strength. I don't want other women to think that in order to be Happy and satisfied with their body, they have to be "thin". I want women to not be put into categories of "thin", "fat", "manly", "boyish".....
How much happier would we all be if we were recognized by our strength?!
Maybe, if these women would have replaced the word "thin" with "fit" "healthy" I would have smiled and felt proud. But for some reason, that word "thin" just hit me in a wrong way.

But this is what happens in a journey. You start because you so desperatly want to change the way you look, but then it becomes about getting stronger, feeling empowered, being Proud!
There will always be people that make comments that may not necessarily hit you the right way, but what matters is that YOU are happy. You have come a long way, you KNOW what you have been through to get to where you are today. So just continue that path. Keep getting Stronger. And remember, in the end it's how YOU feel that matters. You must be happy with yourself whether you are "thin", "thick".....You are You and you are Strong!!!

Stay Healthy,

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