Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transformation Contest coming SOON!!!

Starting January 5th, 2015 

6 weeks Transformation Contest

Open to new members and current members.

6 Weeks at Metahuman Fitness to help get you into amazing kick ass shape!
With our exercise programs designed to turn your body into a fat burning machine and nutritional guidance, We will help you get rid of the Holiday weight gain and help bring in the New Year with a whole new body and outlook on life!

New Year, New YOU!!

What you will get with the 6 weeks to help you transform:

  • up to 4 H.I.I.T Classes a week (for 6 weeks) for ONLY $149!!    
         (a value of $279)

The ALL IN Package:   

 H.I.I.T Classes+*Max Training Package+*Max Nutrition Package for Only $498!! (a value of over $900!!)

or you have to option to add an Additional package individually:

*Max Training Package: Additional 2 Personal Training sessions a week (for 6 weeks) for $199 (a value of $500!)

*Max Nutrition Package: Incorporate the Advocare 24 Day Challenge (a nutritional bundle to jump start your weight loss and break through a plateau) for $199

2 Winners will be chosen at the end to win a Prize Pack and Cash (1 Grand Prize, 1 runner up).
So Join in! Transform your body, Gain Confidence, gain Strength, and have the opportunity to win!!

Contact us TODAY to sign up!

(760) 270-0431

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