Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winner of our Transformation Challenge and Superhero of the month!

We are proud to present the Winner of our 6 weeks Transformation Challenge and Superhero of the month:
Jason aka "HULK"!!!

Jason's positive attitude is always contagious when he's in the gym. He's always dedicated, puts in the work and has faith in his coaches training; which is evident in his amazing progress. 

In just 6 weeks;

Lost 14.2lbs
Dropped 3.75 inches 
Gained 2.5 inches in his biceps

Not only did he achieve amazing results from the challenge, he has also gained an Incredible amount of Strength in the process.

Just a couple months back he was hospitalized for kidney failure and he had to take a couple of months off from the gym and recover. We truly care about him (and All our members), so we paid him a visit at the hospital at that time.
And he said something that stayed with us, and he truly kept his word:

He told us that when he comes back, he will take over the PR (Personal Record) board and come back stronger than ever.
And that is Exactly what he has been doing!
SMASHING records left and right, this man just keeps on impressing us! 

When he came back full-time in the first week of January he was able to flip our 490lbs tire 7 times, and just a few short weeks later he did 34 consecutive reps!
On his first session of doing farmers walk handles he set the gym record with 210lbs in each hand!
(video below)
His previous deadlift was 185lbs and just a couple of weeks ago he SMASHED 310lbs for 2 reps
(the picture below was him setting up to the bar to achieve this accomplishment)

Jason is Proof that you CAN push past a set back, you CAN fight through tough battles, and you CAN become stronger and Better!

We say this all the time, because we truly mean it from the bottom of our hearts;
We are HONORED to have you train at our gym!

You Inspire us, and everyone around you!

Keep Smashing it J!!!


"Unleash your inner Superhero!"

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