Thursday, February 19, 2015

Support small business

Even before I was a business owner, I knew the importance of supporting small business.
I always liked the feeling I got knowing that my purchase helped put food on someone's plate or help them pay their mortgage to keep their doors open as opposed to making some large corporation even more rich. Whenever possible I try to shop local in Vista. If I can't do business in Vista, I still seek out someone local or try to keep it with a small, privately owned company. I support small business.

Small business owners are usually more passionate about their craft and go the extra mile to earn a lifelong customer, and without the endless supply of investor financing, they are usually working super-long work weeks and just barely scraping by to pay their bills at the end of each month.
Every little bit helps when you're on a tight budget, and for that reason I love keeping my money local. When we all support each other, we all do better.

Even without spending money it's very easy to help a local business in ways they can't help themselves. In this day of age, we are all bombarded with advertising to the point that we're almost numb to it. Often the only places we'll shop are places that were either directly referred to us by someone we know and respect, or by our own research, we look for those companies that have great reviews posted. The first place we typically go to are Yelp and Facebook (yes, you can leave a Facebook review which is usually one of the first places a new customer looks at when they visit the page).

So the first and the best way you can help a business you support is by leaving a great review on Yelp and Facebook, as detailed as possible so that the reader feels the emotion. Also, giving a written or video testimonial is always helpful for the company website! Also, tell your friends about the business..share your experience. They may end up being a lifelong supporter as well!

The other way that helps immensely is actively contributing to Facebook discussions on their page. Engaging in the comment sections, liking a post, sharing a post or picture, suggesting the page to your friends etc. These are the most often over-looked ways to help small business.
I could write an entire blog on the way Facebook works, but to keep it short. Facebook wants businesses to pay to be seen, so the only other way the posts are visible is when you contribute to them. (Which also makes them visible to your friends = brand recognition and respect)

Here's a link to a blog talking more in detail about this subject:

Check in! When you walk into the business you support hit the check in button on Facebook or any other app you use with this feature. It allows your friends to see where you frequent which gives that business more recognition.

With that being said, I humbly ask you, please leave a Yelp review for us, leave a Facebook review, stay engaged with our Facebook posts and please, tell your friends about us!
Also, make sure to follow our blog so you never miss a post.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can all help out in supporting local business other than what is in this blog, or if you have any questions, please email me directly at

This is one of the best places to leave an honest review for us that could impact our google search ranking:

Dave Ellinger is co-owner and personal trainer at Metahuman Fitness
Located at 1717 E Vista Way, Vista CA 92084

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